Wone Elementary School Wins 2022 Christmas Music Competition

PDOE Press – The annual Christmas music competition has come to a close, and Wone Elementary School has emerged as the winner for this year’s event. The competition, which is held every year to promote the festive spirit and encourage musical talent in young students, saw participation from several schools in the region.

The judges of the competition praised the students from Wone Elementary School for their excellent performance and remarkable talent. The students displayed exceptional vocal abilities and impressive coordination, which made them stand out from the rest of the participants.

The competition was a tough one, with many talented students from different schools showcasing their musical abilities. However, the students from Wone Elementary School managed to captivate the judges with their brilliant performance.

The principal of Wone Elementary School expressed his joy and gratitude towards the students and staff who dedicated their time and effort to make this achievement possible. He also thanked the judges for their recognition and the organizers of the competition for providing the platform for the students to showcase their talent.

The competition has been a success once again, and it’s a testament to the musical talent of young students in the region. The event has encouraged many students to pursue their passion for music and has helped to create a festive atmosphere in the community.

Congratulations to Wone Elementary School for their outstanding performance and best wishes to all students, principals, and staff who dedicated their time to this annual Christmas music competition.

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