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Our mission is to educate our children to be literate, knowledgeable, skillful, culturally competent, confident, creative and globally responsible citizens.

About Pohnpei State Department of Education


Stanley S. Etse

The Pohnpei State Department of Education is led by Mr. Stanley S. Etse, who serves as the Director of Education. The department is responsible for organizing and overseeing all aspects of the state’s educational services, including preschool, primary or elementary, and secondary schooling, vocational skills development, and education for students with disabilities. The department has three divisions, each administered by a division chief.

The Division of Early Childhood Education  and Primary Education are responsible for monitoring and assisting preschool activities and programs, administering and maintaining the Pohnpei public elementary school system, and developing and implementing the school curriculum.

The Division of Secondary Education administers and maintains the Pohnpei public secondary school system, including teacher-performance evaluations and the development and implementation of the school curriculum. The division also administers student services such as counseling and monitors and assists private secondary schools.

The Division of Administration, Educational Support Services, and Specialized Education is responsible for a range of important tasks, including developing and coordinating teacher-training programs to enhance the quality of educators, implementing bilingual education, and providing comprehensive curriculums for various subjects.

The division also oversees the public library in Kolonia and manages the establishment and operation of a museum for Pohnpei, as well as maintaining an archives system for the state. It coordinates educational activities beyond high school and offers guidance to students on post-secondary education opportunities, both locally and overseas.

Additionally, the division provides support to individuals with physical and emotional handicaps or other special needs through the development and implementation of specialized programs. It also develops vocational skills training programs for children in pre-school, elementary, and high school, with a focus on fostering basic vocational skills in traditional and modern agriculture, fishing techniques and safety at sea, woodwork and carpentry, metalwork, technical drawing, small engine operations and maintenance, home-keeping and community health and hygiene, computer use, basic programming, and sustainable development.

The division works closely with the school Parents and Teacher Association, community and church leaders, business groups, as well as external private and governmental donors to support these initiatives, based on the principle of active community involvement. Overall, the Division of Administration, Educational Services, and Specialized Education plays a vital role in the development and improvement of education, training, and vocational skills development in Pohnpei.stu

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