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Education Day 2023
Closariner Ifamilik of Seinwar Elementary School is the proud recipient of Overall Teacher of the Year Award of Education 2023.
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Education Day 2021
Each school year at the end of January, all schools celebrate Education Day. The highlights of the day include students and staff awards.
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Student Take Over Day
The next generation experiencing the roles and responsibilities of a leader.
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Graduating Class of 2021
Primary schools graduation from May 31 to June 4, 2021. Great support from all parents of Pohnei State.
Teacher Resources

On this page you'll find a series of resour



  • FACSSO meets October 25th-26th to discuss potential updates to the FSM Accreditation process and National Standardized Test for Teachers
  • High School PTA Meet-ing is on November 9th
  • Student Leadership Conference is also on November 9th
  • Lead Teachers will peer observe each other November 14th
  • Haily Eva Hallens won the Essay Contest
  • Loriso Victor won 2nd place for the Essay Contest


1. September 19th, Lead Teacher Fellowship

2. September 20th-21st, Specialists Training

3. September 23rd, Project LIFT Screening

4. September 26th, NorthWest Prinipal/Lead Teacher Training

5. September 28th-29th, Data Workshop: PDOE Report Card Template

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