Special Education program

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Special Education Program

Special Education Program

Mr. Jesse Solomon

The Special Education program within the Division of Administration, Educational Services and Specialized Education is responsible for identifying, educating, and training individuals with physical and emotional handicaps or other special needs. This program is designed to ensure that students with special needs receive the support and resources they require to achieve their academic and personal goals.

The program’s main objective is to provide a high-quality education that is tailored to the individual needs of each student. This is achieved through the implementation of various programs and services, such as special education classes, resource rooms, assistive technology, and specialized instructional support services.

To ensure that the program is effective and meets the needs of its students, the Special Education program undertakes program initiation, implementation, and accountability reporting. This means that the program is responsible for designing and launching new initiatives, implementing effective teaching strategies, and tracking and reporting on student progress and outcomes.

Furthermore, the program aims to efficiently and fully utilize U.S. federal programs and other external assistance programs available to Pohnpei for Special Education. This includes seeking out funding and resources that can be used to enhance the quality of education and support provided to students with special needs.

In summary, the Special Education program within the Division of Administration, Educational Services, and Specialized Education is a critical part of the education system in Pohnpei. Its focus on providing specialized support and resources to students with special needs ensures that every student has the opportunity to achieve their full potential, regardless of any physical or emotional handicaps they may face.

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