Education Days 2023 – Kitti

PDOE Press – Pohnpei State Department of Education continued the celebration if its annual Education Day event, with a theme of “Endless Educational Commitments Ensure and Promote All Learning Capacities.” The event continued in Kitti municipality, where it culminated with a keynote speech from Mr. Pressler Martin.

The event also included the presentation of awards to the teachers of the year, students, and staff of the year. It was a proud moment for the students who received their well-deserved awards in recognition of their academic and co-curricular achievements.

The Education Day event is a vital opportunity for the community to come together to celebrate education, recognize the hard work and dedication of teachers and students, and highlight the importance of education in ensuring a bright future for Pohnpei State. The Pohnpei State Department of Education hopes to continue this tradition in the coming years and ensure that education remains a top priority for the region.

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