Education Day 2023 – PICS

PDOE Press – Pohnpei State Department of Education recently held its annual “Education Day 2023” at PICS High School, aimed at promoting and ensuring all learning capacities. The event had a theme of “Endless Educational Commitments,” emphasizing the importance of continuous efforts towards education.

Senator Sonster Edgar was the keynote speaker for the event, delivering a thought-provoking speech on the significance of education and the role it plays in shaping the future of individuals and society. He emphasized the need for a sustained and consistent approach towards education for achieving the desired outcomes.

The event also saw the presentation of awards to teachers of the year, students, and staff, acknowledging their hard work and commitment towards education. The awardees were recognized for their outstanding performance and dedication towards their respective roles, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

Distinguished guests, including prominent educationists and community leaders, graced the occasion and shared their inspirational remarks and encouraging challenges. They highlighted the need for collaboration and partnerships among stakeholders to achieve the shared goal of providing quality education for all.

The Education Day 2023 was a significant event in the Pohnpei State Department of Education’s calendar, showcasing the department’s commitment towards promoting and ensuring quality education for all. It was a testament to the collective efforts of the education community towards building a brighter future for the next generation.


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