“Expand and broaden knowledge, skills and attitudes”


In pursuit of a learning community that is second to none.”

Seri men pahn keirda oh wiahla aramas katapan men me pahn poasoanda sang pohn marain, koahiek, oh lelepek, oh ahneki mour pahrek nan palien mwomwohdiso, tiahk, oh government.  Seri et pahn kak ese pein ih wasa koaros oh kak ahng oh momouirki soangsoangen wekidek en mour de tiahk oh kak pein dipwirawih ah mour oh moumourki limpoak, lelepek koahiek oh mehlel.

A learner at Nett Elementary School shall grow and develop into a dependable and capable human being. This dependability and capability shall stem from the knowledge, skills and attitude learned from a well-established school curriculum that blends in an environment that promotes fairness and respect in all matters that considered religious, traditional and governmental. The learned child shall be equipped with the right tools and attitudes to make smart decisions.  The grown learner shall exhibit a lifestyle that is unique and complementary to his/her available resources. The person shall then live a healthy, enjoyable and normal life






Kaunopada oh kasukuhlida seri  kan pwe irail en kak lel high school oh pil kak kasalehda  wahn arail kasukuhl ni arail pahn patehng seri teikan. Pil patehngete met, seri kan en kak kasalehda pwung en pein doadoahngki pein sapwelimatail mahsen, tiahk, oh wahu nan pwungarail, nan kouson kan, de pil nan wehi kan. Seri kan en kak ahneki mour mwahu oh toukihda arail katep de sahpis konehng kan nan peneieni, kouson, oh pil wehi.

The mission of Nett Elementary School is to provide an education that shall prepare the capable learners to reach high school level and be able to compete intelligently and academically with other students. Equally important and part of the whole mission is to prepare all learners to be fluent and proficient with local language, customs, traditions and can function in a Pohnpeian community setting.  It is also part of the mission to prepare all learners to be able to live a healthy and productive life and be a contributor of ideas, goods and services to the community.






Nett Elementary School was founded in 1963.  The new neighborhood school began registering children in the first grade whose ages ranged from seven to thirteen years old. Staff consisted of three semi-trained high school male graduates who used the old Nett Municipal Government building as the new ‘school’. Those who used the municipal judge’s office as classroom had to vacate the room for court hearings or trials. 

In 1967 a pre-fabricated three-classroom building was donated and erected by the U. S. Army.   A water tank, a cookhouse and a TESL hut soon followed.  In 1970 Education Pohnpei State Government entered into a 30 years lease agreement with a land-property owner, and an 8 classroom building was constructed.

By the year 1994, Nett School acquired a piece of land situated opposite the main road from Pohnpei State Hospital. But the relocation did not take place until 1999.  The existing site is still in need for further expansion in addition to two story buildings now in place.


1. September 19th, Lead Teacher Fellowship

2. September 20th-21st, Specialists Training

3. September 23rd, Project LIFT Screening

4. September 26th, NorthWest Prinipal/Lead Teacher Training

5. September 28th-29th, Data Workshop: PDOE Report Card Template

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